Change term Collections to something else

I would like to change the terms "Collection" and "Collections" to "Cabinet" and "Cabinets" whenever displayed on the public view.

I have found how to change the "Browse Collections" menu item to "Browse Cabinets" but the heading for the page still says "Browse Collections (X Total)" and it also says "Items in the Collection" at the bottom.

Is there a way of translating these terms please?



You need to make some changes to your theme's files to do this. In your theme folder, there should be a collections folder. The heading for browse collections can be changed in collections/browse.php and the "Items in the Collection" on the individual collection page can be changed in collections/show.php.

If you don't have these files in your theme folder, you'll need to copy them from omeka_root/application/views/scripts/collections to your_theme/collections.


Sorry to crash your Topic, am like a fish on land here. Need some help if that's ok.

Would like to know the meaning of the following:

link rel="shortcut icon" href="/browse.php/SK9oqLTP/EnOiJjH5/Lk0kBNIg/hcolGz9z/BKv0HhFg/b21/" />
<link rel="stylesheet" href="/browse.php/SK9oqLTP/EnOiJjH5/Lk0kBNIg/hcorHyN9/RLauDh5q/ZCWR0UN0/VilNn_2B/4bE_2Fw0/itc_3D/b21/">
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" href="/browse.php/SK9ou_2F/CARmPzMD/r0JA81RN/J4ycArGD/J2Gaq0A1/xhLyHWwg/9uHXIM1u/wOGPVtwc/m0x_2F0P/qdpHINXB/5foB/b21/">

Any Help would be greatly appreciated and again, my sincere apologies.

Thank you for pointing me in the right direction sheepeeh, I'll have a closer look at that.

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