Change permissions of plugin

Is there any way to change what user level are to see what plugin? For example, simple pages does not show up in dashboard menu, while Simple Vocab is present, but gives a 403 error when click the link. I want the Simple Vocab to not even be displayed in the menu for contributer, but for admin and super user

That is a bug in the Simple Vocab plugin. To fix it, open the SimpleVocabPlugin.php file, and look for the filterAdminNavigationMain function.

Change it to look like:

public function filterAdminNavigationMain($nav)
        if(is_allowed('SimpleVocab_Index', 'index')) {
            $nav[] = array('label' => __('Simple Vocab'), 'uri' => url('simple-vocab'));
        return $nav;

Thank you! Where do i find is_allowed, and how is that controller? If i want to change permission for other plugins aswell i mean.

This is a great forum, thank you so much!

is_allowed is part of the global functions library, and shouldn't be changed.

Each plugin defines its own permissions if it needs to with the define_acl hook. So for each plugins *Plugin.php file, look for hookDefineAcl to see what it adds.