Change link to exhibit at /project/exhibits/

One of our users wants to be able to change the link to her exhibit at /project/exhibits/. Currently it goes to the default exhibit homepage (e.g. /project/exhibits/show/exhibitname) with its description but she would like it to instead go to an Introduction page she created (e.e. /project/exhibits/show/exhibitname/intro). How would we make this change?

I'm guessing the reason she can't just copy the content to the exhibit landing page is that the intro page includes file/gallery content blocks? You have two options:

1) Just link to that page everywhere the exhibit is linked to, e.g. by creating a manual link in the Navigation menu instead of using the one that's created automatically.

2) Viewing the page source for the intro page, copying everything that appears between <h1><span class="exhibit-page"> and </div><!-- end content --> and pasting it into the HTML block for the exhibit's homepage. (But don't include the final </div>.) Then, delete the intro page. (Make sure it works, first!)

No, it's that the landing page is dynamically created and currently is set to display the Description field and she wants to display different content for the Description than for the landing page.

Thank you for the suggestions.

What version of Omeka and Exhibit Builder are you using?

If you're referring to the browse exhibits page, that can be modified in theme by copying /views/public/exhibits/browse.php to /exhibit-builder/exhibits/browse.php in your theme folder.

In Exhibit Builder 3.x, the front page for each individual exhibit is manually created. I can't speak to earlier versions.