Change item/show for one record only

Hi everyone,

Is there a way to customize how a file is displayed on the item/show page for a single item record? I am using Omeka 2.1, Seasons theme.

Specifically, I have two pdfs uploaded into one item record and my item/show page displays the thumbnail images for both. I would like to remove the display of thumbnails for this one record alone because I have placed links to the files in the description field instead.

At first, I wanted to disable the display of thumbnails altogether if the file was a PDF, but if I can pick and choose, that might work better in the long run.

Thanks for any help you can give.

You can if you don't mind modifying your theme's template files, and have access/permissions to do so. How would you like to display the PDFs instead? It sounds like you not only want to change the display of PDFs on specific items, or on all items?

Hello, and thank you for responding!

Modifying the theme won't be a problem for me, so I am excited to see what sort of solutions exist.

Would it be possible to display the square thumbnails side-by-side for select items with multiple PDFs?