change item thumbnail size in 2.0.1.

How do I change the size of the thumbnail on the items page? I just upgraded to 2.0.1

I specifically want to change the thumbnail size on the items/browse page. I tried to change it through the omeka/admin/appearance/edit-settings
but for some reason, that doesn't work. Very, very frustrating.

The changes to omeka/admin/appearance/edit-settings will only affect newly-uploaded files. Is the problem occurring with both new and old uploads?

I just upgraded to 2.0.1, so it is affecting all of my images. They are all in that sense old uploads.

The settings in the admin side just determine the actual pixel size of the thumbnails Omeka generates.

Themes are free to constrain those sizes using CSS, which is independent of the thumbnail size settings.

For Thanks, Roy, the style.css stylesheet sets all the thumbnails on items/browse to be 100x100 pixels. You can change this to be whatever you want (or remove the width/height restrictions entirely if you wish).

The particular selector that's constraining the size here is .browse .item-img img.

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You guys have been very helpful over the last couple of weeks, and I thank you; however, I have one other issue that I need to resolve before my site is ready to go public.

My pdf thumbnails are not showing the image, just a gray square. I mnentioned this a few weeks ago and was told that Imagemagick will do this with some pdfs; however, it is doing it with all of my pdfs.

Is there something that I should be doing to resolve this problem? All my images are less than the maximum file and image size specifications. Should I contact my host? If so, what should I ask them? Would it have something to do with the Imagemagick path?

Thank You,


What does this gray square look like?

Is it an image of a page with the corner folded over? If so, that's the Omeka 2.0 placeholder image for when a thumbnail couldn't be created.

If that's the case, you'd have to check with your host to see if they can do anything about updating their installs of ImageMagick and/or ghostscript.

Thanks for your reply. Here is their reply:

All of our servers do in fact have ImageMagick enabled however none of our shared
server platform currently has Ghostscript. Both of these applications are multi
threaded applications that can use very large amounts of CPU resources which makes
them very dangerous on a shared environment server. If you you will need to convert
large images, pdfs and other file regularly a VPS may be a better platform for your

I guess we will have to go the VPS route, or do you have any other suggestions?

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I also asked my host if they have updated ImageMagick. They said they keep it updated. They suggested that maybe the IM path is not right?

Thanks again for your suggestions.


ImageMagick relies on ghostscript to convert PDFs.

If the servers don't have it, then ImageMagick won't be able to read PDF files, and we won't be able to make thumbnails from them.

OK. Thanks again.