Change file name without reupload?

I have recently activated the plugin for my site, and it is working wonderfully. But it has made me aware of another issue/. The plugin generates a link any given image in the viewer using the image file name. I have noticed that omeka has pulled file names differently from two sets of CSV imports. The file names of files that were included in my original CSV import are the entire thread for the image's location on my server: (item show page: Following this initial import we added a directory to our site url and upgraded to 1.5. The file names of files included in my second CSV import are just the actual file name: 2012.0013.0053.jpg (item show page:

I would like for all of the file names to be standardized as just the actual file name, since they are now very visible on the item show pages. I know I can fix the incorrect file names by removing and reattaching the files. Completely redoing the CSV import would be even more labor intensive. manually, but this would be very labor intensive. So I'm wondering if there's anyway around that.

That's a little strange... I'm not aware of any changes in the importer that would make it change the "original filename" it calculates. I'll look into that.

There's nothing in the Omeka interface for changing those names, but the relevant piece of data in the database is the original_filename column of the files table, which you could change directly without having to remove or reupload any files.

Do I access the database through a MySQL server? I didn't install Omeka, so I don't have the credentials to access that. Before I contact the IT administrator, can you tell me exactly how to access the database?

If you've got an Omeka install, you also have credentials with access to its MySQL database: the ones Omeka itself is using, in db.ini.

Got the credentials, but where do I access the MySQL database?

You'll probably want to ask your IT about that.

You should be able to just use the mysql command-line client to access the database, but many/most hosts will have some graphical or web-based interface options.

Hi Everyone
I have the same problem. I just figured out how to make CSV import to work by hosting images on the server and then providing a link of the image in CSV import; however, I also use and Doc Viewer plugins to display my images.
Both of them display the link to the image on the server where images are hosted for CSV import instead of the actual item title name. This will be very confusing and inaccurate since I will remove the hosted images after the CSV import.
I'm attaching the screen shots to help you guys understand the problem more clearly.
Any Help will be much appreciated. Thank you

If you imported the images from another source using a URL, that URL becomes the file name when imported into Omeka. If you look at the code for the ZoomIt plugin, you will see that what it prints on the item page is a link to the image using the original_filename.

When you click on that link, the image should appear in the ZoomIt viewer because the plugin is actually pulling the file and not from a URL.

John's advice from above applies if you wish to change the original_filename to something else.

OK, I see.
Looks like we will have to do it manually by writing a script and then run it after each CSV Import.