Change Display name of dublin core elements 2

awatkins posted this problem two weeks ago:
I would love to be able to change what the names of dublin core elements show up as, so as to be more specific. For example we would like to have description show up as abstract and contributor show up as advisor. I realize we can add these types in item type metadata, but we wanted to still retain adherence to dublin core.

but then solved it for himself:
I actually figured this out. I just call each metadata element individually, and add my own headings.

can someone explain the process of changing the display name of the dublin core elements? i am also interesting in changing a few.

You can call individual metadata elements for items using the item() function on your items/show.php template file., or other places where you're displaying item metadata. For example, this would accomplish what awatkins would want to do regarding description field:

<?php echo item('Dublin Core', 'Description'); ?>

You'll notice this doesn't actually change the names in the database. It also wouldn't change how they're displayed on the admin panel. But it would let you add your own headings for each field, if that's what you'd like to do.

See the documentation for item helper for details.

Hi Jeremy,
I would like to change two of the names on the admin panel; Format to Digital Format and Type to Original Format. Is this possible?

Thanks, Nancy