Change "Description" to "Abstract"

Dear friends.

I use Omeka for Institutional Repository specially for Thesis of the students. I want to change the written "Description" at each Items to "Abstract". Which files (code) i must change in the source code?

I also want to change "tags" to "Key words". Which files (code) i must change in the source code?

Thanks you for the help.

First follow this guide to make sure that your theme has the following files:

* common/record-metadata.php
* items/show.php

To change "Description" to "Abstract", in your common/record-metadata.php file find this line

<h3><?php echo html_escape(__($elementName)); ?></h3>

and replace it with

<?php if ($setName == 'Dublin Core' && $elementName == 'Description') {
            $elementName = 'Abstract';
        <h3><?php echo html_escape(__($elementName)); ?></h3>

To change "tags" to "Key words", in items/show.php find

<h3><?php echo __('Tags'); ?></h3>

and replace it with

<h3><?php echo __('Key words'); ?></h3>

Thanks you very much.
It works well

But, i can`t change "tags" to "Key words". May be another solve ?

That change on the items show page should work. Are there other pages where you want to make the same change that you are looking at?

The problem is solved. Thanks
I found the file at the folder themes/.../items/show.php

Thanks for the key (clue).