Cascading bubbles or linking one Neatline record directly to another

We have a new Neatline project and would like to have multiple records associated with the same place on the map. The way it makes sense to us to accommodate this is to have one record associated with the map data and have links on it to other related records. Ideally, the secondary records would open in a Neatline bubble, replacing the primary. We've just been frustrated trying to figure out how to pull it off in Neatline.

While the project is still in development, our exhibit is public:, there's just no link to it on the URL's homepage or anywhere else. On the map, to the city's northwest, you'll find Mariscal Street near the circle for the Cathedral. Clicking the red line on the map will open the primary record in a bubble over the map. On that record there are two links. The first points to a Spanish record that should open in another Neatline bubble, but it doesn't. If you copy the link and paste it into the browser address bar or right-click and open in a new tab, it displays the way we expect it to. How do we get that to open in the primary record's place? The second link points to the Omeka item page, which would be our last option, if there's no way to keep the user experience within Neatline.

We're currently using the Astrolabe Theme and are willing and able to modify it to achieve what we're trying to do.