Can't Remove Breadcrumbs

I followed the instructions in another post by the developer. But removing this code

<?php if (!simple_pages_is_home_page(get_current_simple_page())): ?>
    <p id="simple-pages-breadcrumbs"><?php echo simple_pages_display_breadcrumbs(); ?></p>
    <?php endif; ?>

didn't work. In fact I could rename the show.php to show.bak and the simple pages continued to run.

What am I missing. I don't have two installs of the plugin.


Trying to remove breadcrumbs from simple pages in 2.0.4...

The file path gets me to show.php, though the code is different than whatever version was being referenced earlier in this post...

Any advice on tweaking the 2.0.4 show.php file to remove breadcrumbs?


The show.php that is used by the SimplePages plugin is over in the SimplePages folder structure.


This is the code section that emits the breadcrumb report.

<div id="primary">
  <p id="simple-pages-breadcrumbs">
  <?php echo simple_pages_display_breadcrumbs();?>
  <?php echo metadata('simple_pages_page',
                      'title'); ?>

To get rid of the breadcrumbs, remove the paragraph holding the echo. It becomes...

<div id="primary">
  <?php echo metadata('simple_pages_page',
                      'title'); ?>

I have not figured out how to create a copy of that file in a theme folder that will be used instead of the copy in the plugin folder. Anyone else have advice on how to get a copy of that file to be run from within a theme?

jkbrernnan, why are you removing the breadcrumbs? I change that file in order to emit better breadcrumbs. I like having them on pages.

Good luck.

To make a copy in the theme folder, first create a folder called simple-pages. Then, copy the directory structure from the plugin's views/public directory.

You'll end up with


Then you can edit that show.php file as you need.

Thanks Patrick.

Creating that file structure in the theme section works great.

This works for other plugins too.

To support indexing of this thread: This information would be useful if someone were searching for how to make a theme version of a plugin view file or how to change a plugin file for a theme or how to customize a plugin file (a plugin view file).

Create a folder within the theme with a name based on the plugin's name, following a simple naming convention, and place a copy of the plugin view files into that folder with the same structure they have in the plugin's "views/public" and "views/shared" section.

When the view files are in place within the theme, the theme version of the files will be used.

Many thank yous! I'm not php savvy enough to look at php files and discern what's what... For any future interest, Bob's post is spot on for removing breadcrumbs from simple pages for 2.0.4 (there is instructions on earlier forum posts for earlier builds not applicable for this build).

As for wanting to remove breadcrumbs-

The collection I'm currently working on is local music based, and for the front-end I'm taking a super minimalist approach. While all items uploaded will conform to DC metadata standards, the (predominantly) audio content will be played through an mp3 plugin at the artists' profile page(wherein the majority of DC metadata need not be visible to users in this particular application). My two cents/preference on breadcrumbs is that they tend to be superfluous, as I generally know how I got to wherever it is I'm at. Were I suddenly confused about where I was and needed to know how it was I got there,I have the trusty back arrow, recent history, menus, and URLs to help me crack the case...

That said- as it goes I'll be leaving the breadcrumbs when I migrate our numerous digital collections over from CONTENTdm, because Omeka rocks. Its actually working with CONTENTdm that first got me annoyed with breadcrumbs, as its highly recommended that one not tweak the code as to where the home directory points to, at risk of corrupting the entire directory...


Jared Brennan
Special Collections Division
Nashville Public Library

Be sure to copy the show.php into your theme folder following Patrick's answer, and do the edit there. That way, all the customization to the view is done within the theme area. I did not like editing the file in the plugin area, so was glad to find out how to get a copy into the theme.

I think of visitors who are sent a link to the web page and end up somewhere on a web site without navigating to the page. The breadcrumb helps a little there, but you are right that the menu choices and URL can provide plenty of context already.

For a few simple-pages with a flat hierarchy, the breadcrumb IS redundant. Where I like it is on the items-browse page, to report on the context. It can show the search criteria that defines the set that is being browsed. The URL for the items browse is no help.

Off topic of this thread - how do you catalog local music (bands, songs) without capturing roles (on drums, composer)? Having DC metadata for music is there to allow sharing the least specific way of seeing the item (creator - no role mentioned) to outsiders. Do you define and track more specific metadata to support reporting about roles for each audio item? Omeka has an easy way to define new Item Metadata Elements for local use, to support unique features of a site.