Can't invite users

I am trying to add users to my Basic account but the system doesn't seem to be actually sending the invitations and nothing is showing up in the user dahsboard about invited users.

Are the users you are inviting getting redirected to sign up for an account?

Each new user to your account must sign up for They will need to get a free, basic account, and then they will be added to your site.

here is some more information:

Also, be sure to ask the individuals you have invited, to check their spam folders for emails that may have been flagged as spam.

When I invited myself via a different e-mail, no e-mail confirmation was sent to my inbox or spam

I'm the Super User of a site I'm creating, and I'm trying to invite myself as an administrator using an alternate email address (I've also tried inviting myself as a researcher). But, as soon as I hit "invite," I get this message: "Sorry, we are unable to invite to that user to join your Omeka site."

Can someone please help? I want to test out adding users, using myself as a guinea pig, but I'm getting blocked immediately!

If this is for, you might try asking via the contact form.

Hi Patrick,

Thank you for getting back to me. I've tried to get help from using their contact form twice now, but haven't received a reply. I hope someone gets back to me soon -- being able to invite users is essential to the project I want to do and should be fundamental to Omeka's functions. And, I'll be giving a presentation soon on using Omeka in an educational setting, in which I was going to show people how they could invite users to create exhibits on a site -- something of a problem if this doesn't actually work!

Someone should get back to you today from the Net help desk.

I can't reproduce your error after doing a quick test, but we will look into it.

Once invitations go out, remember that invitations from web services like this often get caught in spam filters.

Also, if the invited users does not have an account, they will be directed to the sign up page where they can get a free basic account to work on this website.