Can't install --crashes with Apache HTTP Server Error

I'm trying to install Omeka on my XAMPP installation. The install page comes up along with a message about "fileinfo" module not loaded. However, I read that's not really essential -- especially on a test site.

So I go through the steps and fill in the required info and hit the Install button. Immediately an Apache HTTP Server Error message pops up saying that it has stopped working. When I close the pop-up, I get a message that "this webpage is not available."

I have a Drupal site installed on this XAMPP installation which is having no problems.

I assume you're running on Windows?

There are several other threads on the forums describing this problem, but this is one of several reasons we don't support Windows: the default install of PHP at least used by XAMPP crashes when trying to run our installer.

This problem has its root in the software library Omeka depends on, so there's not really much we can do about it. The problem's related to the length of the SQL queries we run when installing Omeka; a few users have reported success when manually shortening those queries.