can't identify the file I need to change to put item image at top of page

This is the address for an item


I'm using Berlin. It has an came with an 'items' directory containing 'show.php'

I moved the show, summary and item php from the 'plugins/ExhibitBuilder/views/public/exhibits' directory into 'exhibits' in my theme.

I'm not sure what file I need to change and if the creation of the exhibits directory and the added files are enabled.

Can you help?


It would be the "item.php" file that you'd want to change.

However, I don't think you copied the files into the right place: it should be in exhibit-builder/exhibits within your theme.

Thanks. What does the 'show.php' refer to in the 'items' directory?

items/show.php is the page that you see when viewing a single Item outside of an exhibit. It's what's linked to from the Browse Items page, for example.


Why would the footer logo that I'm using in an exhibit be dropped into the index page for all exhibits.

I'm adding the logo (full url to image in another site) to the footer configuration file for the theme in the admin area. I tried to do it in the theme's footer file but couldn't make it work.


I fixed this by adding successfully adding the links to the footer file in the theme ... but still don't know why it was dropped outside the theme in admin configuration.