Can't get Omeka to install correctly

Hi I tried to post this before but I think it might have gotten lost in the holiday rush. Can anyone help me?
Hi every time I go to [ip]/install/index.html try to install I either get the Omeka Installation Error mod_rewwrite not enabled which it is.
If I try to do [ip]/install/install.php it just displays the php code.
And just going to [ip] results in the php code as well
I've tried playing with ReWriteBase in .htaccess but it doesn't seem to do anything.
Any ideas? Any of my setup you need to see?

If you're seeing PHP code when you go to the "front page" or to install/install.php, then your server just isn't set up to run PHP code.

That's a little out of the scope of Omeka's installation instructions. If this is your own server, you probably want to look at your distribution's documentation to see what you need to install or configure to serve PHP.

Hey thanks! There was an issue with the PHP install so now I feel dumb but it works!