Can't Exit Existing Exhibit

I recently migrated my installation to a new server. I've sorted out most of the bugs, but there is still something twitchy going on with Exhibit Builder. I can still view the existing exhibit on the public site, but every time I try to edit it through the admin page, I get this error:

Could not find file images/page_go.gif!

Any suggestions? I was afraid to de-activate the plug-in because I wasn't sure if I would lose any existing data or not.

Is it possible that you migrated over an old version of the Exhibit Builder onto a newer version of Omeka?

Significantly older Exhibit Builder versions likely don't work on more up-to-date Omeka installs; you usually want to be using the Exhibit Builder that came bundled with your Omeka version.

Thanks, John. I thought the ExhibitBuilder that came along with the 1.5.1 install was the most recent, but turns out it wasn't-a quick upgrade to the most recent version did the trick-I can get back to editing now!

Thanks again!