Can't delete item


Few weeks ago I installed Omeka (version 1.2) and till now I added some items in it which now I can't delete .

More precisely I can delete items which are described by Omeka metdata (Dublin Core, Collection, Tags...) but I can't delete items to which I have added metadata information and to to which I also uploaded files (jpg).

When I go to the page "Edit this item" for the item with uploaded jpg and when I click a button "Delete this item" I get this message:

"An error has occurred in Omeka. To track the contents of this error, please enable error logging"

The messagge in error log is :

"Mysqli statement execute error : Incorrect key file for table './omeka/omeka_element_texts.MYI'; try to repair it"

I have repaired table ./omeka/omeka_element_texts but nothing happens. There is a same message and I still can't delete items.

Any thoughts?


I cannot seem to reproduce your error.
I installed Omeka 1.2, added an item, entered some text for the Title and Subject metadata fields, and uploaded a jpg for the item. Then I edited the item, and clicked the "Delete this item", and successfully deleted the item.

How did you create the item that you cannot delete?

Can you delete any other items?

This seems like a MySQL configuration issue for your server. The MySQL bug tracker has had in the past a few tickets up for similar issues, e.g.

It may have to do with the size of temporary tables, or space issues such as that. I noted briefly someone else had commented about getting the error from non-UTF8 data being stored in MySQL fulltext indices. Can't find the link now, but this was from 5 minutes worth of google searches.

Basically I have no idea what's up with your server, as we are unable to reproduce this on any of our servers or dev environments. The only thing I could suggest would be to make sure that your version of MySQL is totally up to date in hopes that they may have fixed a relevant bug somewhere.


Thanks for the info


we run into the same issue. How did you solve this issue finally?
We are on Version: mysql 5.0.32-Debian_7etch6

Thank you.


We're having the same issue and have no control over our MySQL server. So upgrading is something we can't do.


You have the same problem, including that REPAIR TABLE omeka_element_texts doesn't improve matters?

We found the problem had to do with how the Contribute plugin and Omeka 1.4 interacted with uploaded images. Rolling back to Omeka 1.3.2 fixed our problem.