Can't change navigation links


I've seen several other posts on the forum with this issue, but none were resolved. I'm currently using Omeka version 2.0.3, and I can't change the navigation links on the appearance/edit-navigation page at all. No matter what changes I make, when I hit "Save Changes" I get the message:

The navigation settings were not saved because of missing or invalid values. All changed values have been restored.
Navigation links that have undeleteable sublinks cannot be deleted.

This happens even when I don't delete links or when I simply reorder the pages.

Any ideas on why this would be happening? If there's no easy way to fix this, is there a way to reset the navigation links or to manually set the links in the files somewhere?


This is fixed in the latest release of Omeka, version 2.1.2. Upgrading to that should fix the problem.