Cannot Browse by Geolocation Map

I have the geolocation plugin activated, but the theme I am using apparently hasn't included a browse map function.

I have checked the box stating 'Add Link to Map on Items/Browse Navigation' in the geolocation plugin, but it is not showing.

I tried to look at the item browse.php file for a plugin that I know has the browse map function, but I don't see it anywhere.

How can I add this feature?

What theme are you using?

Have you tried any other themes?

I am using easy-colour, and since I have made many personalized modifications, I am committed to using it.

The function most of the themes call to enable this is echo custom_nav_items(), which allows plugins to add entries to the items browse page's navigation.

This would be used instead of whatever the theme is currently using for the browse page subnav. You can see an example browse page that uses this function in application/views/scripts/items/browse.php.


We now have the Browse by Map navigation working. It has led to a few new questions, however:

When we inserted the map into the browse items navigation, the maps in item pages that had pins only for each individual item disappeared.

We want the browsable map to show all pins on one map page - the plug in limits the map to only display 50 item pins at a time, but we need it to display all 500.

On the browsable map, we want to remove the item titles that are listed below the map.

Any guidance on these issues is appreciated.