Can you transfer exhibits?

I am interested in finding out if it is possible to transfer all of the content from one Omeka site to another. I have one site where I would like to transfer the content of multiple different collections and exhibits currently stored on an existing Omeka site located on a different server.

Is there a plug-in for this? Or do I need to manually transfer all of this content? I saw that there are plugins to transfer collection items, but it did not say anything about exhibits.

Any help would be greatly appreciated because we are in the process of developing a massive collection of items and exhibits focused around a neighborhood in Seattle.

For items, you could use the OAI-PHM Repository and OAI-PMH Harvester plugins to move data from one to another.

Unfortunately, it does not help with exhibits.

If you have some programming skills, and are using Omeka 2.1, the API available can help move the data, but it currently still requires someone writing the middle layer that talks to the API