Can tooltip (Alt text in this case) be changed to plaintext?

I don't believe this is strictly an Omeka issue, but I'm hoping there's some sort of workaround.

Many of our items have still image files attached. Since so many of the items have multiple files attached extended descriptions were added to the file properties - but it was done in HTML. Now, when users hover over images the ALT text is displayed as html converted to plaintext, &AMP&AMP and %23 and all.

Is there some relatively straight forward way to modify this within Omeka? Or am I looking at a PHP fix?

So, the presence of &ampamp; is a sign that we're actually triple escaping in this scenario.

This is a problem that needs to get fixed in Omeka itself. It should be fixed as of... right now, but you'll have to wait until the next Omeka release to be able to officially use it.

Thank you for the reply - I forgot to mention in this post I'm using Omeka 2.1.4. Would this be fixed in 2.2.2? I've been putting off upgrading as we've only just really started to use it and it was working well, as far as I knew, but this would probably get me motivated.

The same problem exists in 2.2.2. You'd have to wait for the forthcoming 2.3.

I'll keep an eye out for it - Thanks John.