Calling metadata function with two parameters.

I apologize that I am new to this and still learning PHP. I am confused as to how to send two options to the metadata function. All the examples on the site have only one option or jump to all=true. There is no example of showing multiple options but not all. For instance, how do I add the no_escape option to the following metadata function call?

metadata('item', array('Dublin Core', 'Description'), array('snippet'=>250))

Thank you for your assistance.

The options parameter is an array, so you can put multiple things into it by separating them with commas.

So instead of array('snippet' => 250), you'd have array('snippet' => 250, 'no_escape' => true).

John, thanks for the quick reply. I was trying that and it was not working. That was why I was so confused and thought I was doing something wrong. Now that I know it is right, I'll go back and try and figure out what other mistake I am making that is causing it to fail.
Thanks again!