Caching in 1.42

Is there any caching plug-in for or built into 1.42?


There's not much in the way of caching built into Omeka 1.4.2.

There is a Page Caching plugin, but it was designed for an earlier version and I'm not sure of its status.

That being said, there's quite a few caching systems that will play nice with Omeka, depending on what level of caching you're talking about.

A few of our users have reported positively about using Varnish for caching the pages Omeka generates. Varnish and other HTTP proxies/caches will have the biggest impact because they effectively let you avoid having the Omeka code run at all for many page loads.

On the PHP level, opcode caches like APC can improve the processing time for each page by saving the "compiled" PHP code.

There are any number of other options at other levels, such as MySQL's query cache or another database caching layer, but as with the other examples, these are more like generally-applicable strategies than anything Omeka-specific.