Bypassing Install?

Recently I've created a new Omeka virtual machine/server using Vagrant, VMWare and Puppet. I completed the "install" process on this VM, enabled the plugins I need, created a small collection, then backed up the database and 'files' folder with the intent of recreating the entire server in my next 'vagrant up'. This process seems to work in that the database and all the backed-up files are restored, but when I open my web browser to the new instance of Omeka I'm again presented with the install screen.

Can anyone explain what I am missing here? What triggers Omeka to initiate the install sequence? How can I override it?

Thanks in advance for any assistance you can offer. Take care.


I use a slight variation on the following setup to do the same thing:

(I got rid of everything that downloads/unzips Omeka and just manually create the directory.)

I only have to re-install when I (purposely) use vagrant destroy to shut down. I suspect this is more likely an issue with the vagrant setup than with Omeka.

Omeka just checks for the presence of the options table to decide whether to kick you to the installer.

It sounds like either the database itself, or maybe the db.ini file, isn't being restored properly.

Thank you John. I don't have the details worked out yet, but with this information at least I know where to focus. Take care.