Bulk way to delete.

I would like a bulk way to delete items, original images and thumbnails.

I agree. I think Omeka needs a better way of deleting items and images in bulk.


I, too, wish there was a way to bulk delete items. I plan to delete unwanted items using phpmyadmin. From what I can see, I need to delete records from the element_texts, items and files tables. Are there others that I also should check?

Thank you!

I would not delete the items directly from the database. There are files associated with items. Also plugins may have data associated with items. NIf you want to programatically delete items, you should find an item object and then call its delete method. This will run the appropriate call backs, so that associated files and other data can be automatically be removed. For example, to delete item #50, run the following:

$itemId = 50;
$item = get_db()->getTable('Items')->find($itemId);

Wanderingwill, in the absence of a bulk delete option, it would be nice to see a fuller example of how to execute that programmatic deletion from a shell prompt.

In the absence of a good bulk-delete function, I think adding Undo functionality to the Dropbox plugin would be a nice start.

Ditto. Desperately need bulk delete functionality.

I tried using the CSV Import plugin last night, and despite there being 1267 rows of normalized data on my CSV, all items imported as totally blank Items. Clicking on the Undo Import option didn't work -- and my Status screen has been stuck on "Undo Import in Progress" for 24 hours now.

So, I have no way to do a bulk delete of these 1200+ Items, and now have to go into Edit view item-by-item to delete them, or manually re-key in all of the records.

A ticket for bulk editing of items has been added as a feature for the Omeka 1.4 release, which should come out late Spring or early Summer.

Will this new functionality incorporate tag management? I still cannot get the Tag Bandit plugin to work.


Yes, I think the bulk delete items is crucial. Especially for new users. Setting up a CSV import and then finding that 200 items have been imported wrong will be a pain to undo.

Willis: Yes, we are planning to incorporate some way to batch add/remote tags with this feature. The ticket I linked to in my previous post has a few more details.

Thanks to everyone for their responses. Since we've added a ticket for this, and plan to have something in place for the 1.4 release, I'm closing this thread.