Bulk deletion of items after using OAI-PMH Harvester


I used OAI-PMH Harvester to import some items. I didn't know I would collect almost 100000 of them. Now, I would like to remove these items.

What I already tried

1. I used the OAI-PMH Harvester documentation method. (Click on complete ...) but it didn't work. Nothing happened (I launched it last friday, and tried again today). It worked for the smallest collection (about 500 items), but not for the bigger ones (first_collection=57000 items ; second_collection=37000 items)

2. In the item menu, I searched for the ones in the uploaded collection. Selected all (! all mean, if I understand well, the one that you can see on the page, not all the result of the search), and deleted all. At the end, I only deleted 100 out of 100000 items.

Can you suggest something else ?

Best regards,

With that many items, it's possible that the server times out before it can delete all of them. You might just have to repeat the bulk deletion until they are all gone.

You can speed the process along by going to the Appearance->Settings page and increasing the number of items to show on the admin screens. It'll still be a long process, but by experimenting with values there you might be able to find a number that doesn't make the server timeout.

Thank you Patrick.

I tries your suggestions with various parameters.

I actually have 3 limitations :

1. loading a page of 500-1000 images takes a very long time : 500 is possible (about between 1 and 5 minuts and sometimes ... it just doesn't display) but 1000 just doesn't display at all after 10 minuts. The loading time is not constant at all. I suppose that it depends on the network availability.

2. sometimes (hard to say when because it doesn't depend only on the amount of images), I have an error 403 (I don't have the rights to delete so many items, I should contact the admin (btw I'm super-admin)).

3. deleting is also very slow and this operation should be done, for me, 200 times (

I've been doing this during several days now ... and in case some has another solution, let me know.

I find it a bit surprising that selecting the header line of a table doesn't select all the table.


Trying to load 500 or more items at a time, it doesn't surprise me that it just overloads the system. I'd guess that just a couple hundred is the best you will be able to do.

The only other option I can think of is, if you only have content from that import, to start again with a new install of Omeka and do a more selective import.