Bug in Item Relation plug-in?


I have just started encountering an error message when trying to access items with item relations attached from the 'public' side of the site (you can see an example here: http://share.merton.ox.ac.uk/items/show/153) - my developer has linked this to the item relations plug-in and that there might be a bug.

It isn't consistent (i.e. not every item with a relation has an error message), but there are a substantial number of occurrences as I have many items that refer to others. Does anyone know what might be? It would be great to get this working!


I'm not seeing an error, just "This item has no relations". It's possible that the bug only appears when a user is logged in. If that's the case, could you take a screenshot of the page with the error and post is someplace for us to see?


Thanks for the response - I think the error isn't showing because our developers worked out how to get into the items and removed the item relations. I have reinstated them on that item (http://share.merton.ox.ac.uk/items/show/153) so you should be able to see the error now. If not, I will screenshot and send to you!

Another thing I have noticed - this error is only occurring with public items which are linked to private items (we've done this because some items are private for e.g. copyright reasons, but are visible to admin and approved researchers, who find the item relations a useful tool) - might this help explain the error?

Thanks again :)


Yes, that's likely the issue. I'll poke around and see if I can come up with a solution or workaround.

Thanks! I will keep my eyes peeled :) C

BTW, what version if the Item Relation plugin do you have? That might be fixed in the latest, version 2.0.2

Apologies for the delay, but thanks so much for the response! We have version 2.0.1, so we can try upgrading it and see if it gets fixed. If not, will let you know as soon as possible... C