Browsing Items Alphabetically Omeka 2.0.2

Does anyone know how to do the steps listed here:

for Omeka 2.0.2?

Alphabetical sorting option is built in now to both the admin and public items/browse interfaces.

On the public side, on items/browse there is a sort bar that allows the user to sort by Title, Creator, or Date Added. If you want the alphabetical sort to be available when your public users click on the Browse Items tab, you can change the URL to the Items page to (See Managing Navigation 2.0 section of Documentation for specific instructions.)

Additionally, in admin, when in the Items section, the arrows next to the Title also let you sort alphabetically.

Thank you! I did not realize I had to "add" a new navigation link. I was trying to edit the one I already had for Items. Thanks!


The link for Managing_Navigation_2.0 is blank. I am trying something similar I have picture link. Do I need to upgrade to 2.0.3 for alphabetic links to work instead of creating a plugin?

@Andre Just edited Sheila's post to correct the link. There was an unnecessary parenthesis getting added to the URL.

Sorry folks.
Thanks Jeremy for fixing that.

Thanks for the fixed link. I looked at the Managing_Navigation_2.0 page but it unfortunately did not answer my question. Did you get a chance to see my image? According to wrigley242 original post is the alphabetical sort with A B C D E... with navigation only possible by creating your own plugin? Or are you trying to say that it is possible in the 2.0.3? Thanks!

If I'm following the idea in the image correctly, yes, adding that letter-by-letter filtering of the items would have to be done via a plugin, using an updated version of the recipe above. I don't think anyone has updated the recipe.

Ok great. I will revisit this post for an updated recipe. Thanks!

I really need some direction on how to use the current recipe with the updated version of Omeka to add letter-by-letter filtering of items via a plugin.

Any word yet on how I can get this down?