Browse Exhibits in Admin

Hi, we recently upgraded to Omeka 2.01 and Exhibit Builder 2.02. In the Admin side only, in Browse Exhibits, I can't get to page 2 (the link doesn't work). I can work around this by resorting by title or date added but it is annoying. On the Public side it works fine. Has this bug been fixed in Omeka 2.02? Thanks.

I'm not seeing it in the current versions of Omeka and Exhibit Builder. The most straightforward thing to try might be to grab the newest Exhibit Builder plugin and upgrade that and see if that fixes things.

Sorry, my bad. I was looking at the wrong setup I have. It is indeed there in the current released versions, but will be fixed in the next release.

A possibly slightly less annoying workaround is that you can always change the page number in the URL with something like this: Omeka/admin/exhibits?page=2

I'm experience the same and the url solution doesn't work for me (e.g. appending "?page=2" creates no change). Resorting by title or date is indeed annoying!

Thanks for looking into this.

It's actually not "exhibits?page=2" but "/exhibits/2" that's the workaround for the admin side.

Gotcha. That's perfect. Thanks.