Browse by Tag returns 0 (zero) items

Hello all,

I'm using Omeka to build a site for a collection of artworks and have a problem with tags. All of the items have been imported using the CSV import plug-in and I have ensured the tag check box is ticked during the mapping CSV-DC stage. On the site, when using 'Browse by Tag', all of the tags appear on the site. However, when some tags are clicked (not all of them), it returns a page showing 'zero items have this tag'. I can't work this out- I have made all items public. Is there anything obvious that I am missing?

Many thanks.


Do you notice any commonality between the tags that don't seem to work? If the site is public, could you give a link, so we can look for patterns?


Hi Patrick,

Thanks for the message. I'm afraid the site isn't public for the time being. I haven't been able to work out if there is anything in common between the tags that don't work.

Some other information, though: the tags that seem to be broken don't work in either the Browse by Tag page, or by going directly to a paricular item records and clicking the tag on its page. These tags also don't work when doing the same operations from the admin-side, and searching by tag (for known 'broken' ones) also yields no results. The collection has about 4000 items, and about 700 tags.

I may undo the CSV imports and check everything again....although everything else seems to work ok.

Many thanks for you help.