Broken links on home page

I have just begun building a site in Omeka. I have uploaded images and metadata for them and it looks fine but there is a bigger problem I am having. I chose the minimalist omeka theme but when I go to View Public Site and click on Browse Items at the bottom of the page, I just get the following error: "Not Found. The requested URL /omeka/items was not found on this server." Does this maybe have something to do with the theme not having the correct links to the Browse Items page? I have not edited it at all yet and I do have Exhibit Builder and Simple Pages installed.

Thanks for any help you could give me here.


This sounds like an .htaccess or mod_rewrite problem. You likely have mod_rewrite enabled, or the installer would have warned you.

Make sure you have a file called ".htaccess" in the root of your Omeka install. This file is part of the zip package, but it's sometimes possible to miss it when uploading or copying files around.

Hmmm...I tried uploading .htaccess to the root of my Omeka install but it won't let me. I get a message saying there is already a file by that name even though I refresh and still don't see it. What was that about mod_rewrite, though?

The .htaccess file is hidden by default on Linux/Unix systems, so you might have to toggle some setting to show hidden files (like the -a flag to ls).

mod_rewrite is the Apache feature that Omeka uses to map requests to URLs like "omeka/items" to the correct place. The Omeka installer *tries* to make sure that mod_rewrite is enabled for your web server. If mod_rewrite isn't enabled, you'd have a problem like this, where you can't go to any page but the admin and public homepages.

How do I enable mod_rewrite...?

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It depends on your system, and whether or not you're on shared hosting or are running your own server.

mod_rewrite being disabled is more commonly a problem people see when they're running their own server, since many shared hosts have it enabled already.

You enable mod_rewrite on the server level, in your Apache configuration files. Again, the specific instructions would depend on your particular Linux distribution or server setup.