Bluehost and Omeka

I'm thinking about purchasing a hosting package from BlueHost for my new Omeka site. Has anyone run into issues with installing Omeka on BlueHost and is BlueHost helpful with it? I understand that they don't have a one-click install like other hosts, but their deal seems better than other hosts I've seen...

Hi downpour77, I've used Omeka on BlueHost for over a year now and have been very happy with it. I found the install to be fairly easy just by following the instructions provided by the Omeka team on this site.

Hope this helps!

Do you mind walking me through it? I just uploaded omeka and its files to my site and I've gotten an error. Here's my site:

If you go one directory above that, you'll see a 500 server error.

Maybe it has something to do with my SSH??? I'm not exactly sure how to access that from bluehost...

I am too much of a noob to walk you through this, but after some trial and error I did get Omeka up and running on BlueHost about two weeks ago. (By the way, I see your site without any error message at NOT

Because they do not have Omeka among their one click offerings, I have found the level of BlueHost tech support with Omeka to be inconsistent. Their official policy is not to tell you not to install a third party platform so if you persevere you can find a support person willing to be proactive.