How do I set up a basic blog on my site using Omeka? I've seen mention of the SimpleBlog plugin but can't find it to install it.

There's a SimpleBlog plugin that's currently unreleased, but available for download on our subversion code repository: I'm unsure what the status of that code is, or if it would function properly with the latest version of Omeka.

Many people are instead using WordPress ( as their blogging solution. For tips on how to easily integrate Omeka with WordPress, Erin Bell from Cleveland State University may have some insight.


Will there be any updates to the SimpleBlog plugin? The plugin.php says "Copyright February 2008". Is it still under development and stable enough to be considered for production use?

As far as I'm aware, SimpleBlog is no longer being updated, and I can't make any claims as to whether or not it works.

You're welcome to adopt the code (or try to get someone else to).

That being said, the same advice Dave gave still applies. Omeka is not blog software, and any blog plugin would pale in comparison to the feature set and polish you could find in dedicated blogging software like WordPress.