Blank screen during installation

I deprecated the PHP 5.2 requirement to 5.1 in the "Installer.php" file because I have been so far unable to upgrade to 5.2.

This enabled me to get to the installation screen where I filled in all the info. However, upon submitting that page, now all I get is a blank page at that point and the home page has this error:

"/" is not a valid URL.

Error: script 'index.php' not found in path (/home/omeka-0.10/application/views/scripts/)

I'm using Apache and the Rewrite engine is on. Any ideas?

I see that you're using version 0.10 -- you may want to test if the same error occurs in 1.0 beta. With that said, Zend Framework recommends PHP 5.2, so we also state that as a requirement for Omeka since we've built-off that. There may be some pieces that aren't fully functional as a result -- we simply don't know.

I have a hunch as to what the problem is. Can you double check that you've uploaded ALL of Omeka? Notably, the /themes/ folder? When Omeka is unable to load the script index.php, it appears that it's unable to find the appropriate page template.

Diving a little deeper into how Omeka works, when the front-end of the system is loaded, Omeka looks for a 'view' (if you're familiar with M-V-C architecture.. this is basically a page template). It looks in the theme you've selected (the default is set to the 'thanks, roy' theme during installation), and if it's unable to load the appropriate view, it looks for it in the core of the system. That would explain why it's looking for the file in /home/omeka-0.10/application/views/scripts/.

Let me know if that clears things up.

Thanks a lot for the speedy reply. I know I got it all since I downloaded it and unpacked it right where it was going to live -- no uploading required. However, it would be helpful to verify what the permissions should be since I messed that up and had to reset all the permissions. I will also try the 1.0 beta (or wait for the production version, do you have an ETA on that?), and I'm also verifying that my MySQL setup is correct. Thanks, and I'll follow up once I get it cleared up.


The production version (1.0 stable) is planned for the first week of June. It will be substantially unchanged from the 1.0 beta and the upgrade will be an easy one. I would feel comfortable recommending you make a start with the beta now and make a move to stable when it lands.

Thanks for trying Omeka. Let us know (either here in the forums or directly by email) how you get on.

Take care,