Black Bar in ThanksRoy

How do you change the color or remove the black bar above content and under header in ThanksRoy? Does anyone have exact code? I can't find it in CSS.

You're looking for the line in the CSS that sets the border-color of the header element.

It looks like the CSSEditor plugin doesn't accept the CSS code that I suggested in the other thread. Directly adding it to the style.css in your theme might work while we try to figure out why it is being stripped from the CSSEditor plugin settings.

It looks like the library that we use to ensure clean markup (HTMLPurifier) is designed to only work HTML elements that can be a <div> or contained within a <div>. Since <header> can't be within a <div>, I suspect that's why the CSS is always stripped out by the plugin.

Thus, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that directly adding the CSS to the style.css file will do the trick.

Add directly to style.css. It worked for me in the past.