Best way to grab large batch of json / best json to csv conveter?

We have a very large batch of data that's currently in json, and we're trying to figure out to grab it for the site, or whether there's an easy way to convert it from json to csv (and then batch-upload the content to our Omeka site that way). The data is relatively simple (text and map coordinates), but we're also anticipating that we'll want to add Dublin Core content when we prep it before adding it to the site.

We've tried a few json-to-csv converters already, but they don't seem to be doing the trick. Does anyone know of one that seems to consistently work well? Or do you think there's an easier way to grab the json data without converting it to csv?



A conversion _could_ work, as long as you only want to put the map coordinates in an element somewhere. CSVImport doesn't know about the Geolocation plugin, though, so you wouldn't get map data.

Sometimes converters can get tripped up on whether the JSON is really JSONP -- JSON data wrapped in a callback function.


You can convert your json to xml too, and then use Xml Import.

For geolocation, you can add a hook.


Daniel Berthereau
Infodoc & Knowledge management