best way to convert jpegs to pdf document

Not sure if that is the right subject line, but here goes. I have 2 related questions:

1) we want to digitize a document too fragile or tightly bound to scan in a flatbed scanner. Archivist says we need to photograph the pages individually. What is the ideal way to add this to the archive as a complete document? I do not want to add each page as a separate "image" entry. Obviously I want people to be able to read the entire document in one iPaper pane.

2) we are digitizing postcards and I want the back to show up in the same item as the front. (I see that the bracero project, for example, did it differently - their reverses of bracero cards are separate entries from the fronts, because each is a separate image).

In both cases, one solution would be to paste the jpeg image onto a full page of a word document & repeat for as many pages as necessary, then save that document as a pdf and upload it. Is that the best way to do it? Is there another way?

Hi Tona,
I'll do my best to offer suggestions.

1. If you would like users to read through the document in iPaper, then you will have to save all of the pages into one document. I think merging the files into one PDF will be easier to read, but you could paste the images into a Word doc. A PDF or doc will be a hefty file, but you can use the dropbox plugin to upload it into the archive.

2. You can add more than one file to an item. You can see in this example in the Sandbox that the baseball card is the item with 2 images: front and back.
Only the first image uploaded is shown in the thumbnail but both are associated with the item and maybe viewed by your site visitors.

Does this help?