Best practice recommendations for Neatline custom base images?

I've noticed that Neatline can choke on large, custom base images. For example, a large historical map. Does anyone have any recommendations on image size and image resolutions coupled with a certain number of zoom levels? What combination of these factors worked well for you when deploying large images?

Many thanks in advance.

Hi Arno:

By no means are these "best practices," but I am happy to share what worked for me.

First, I have a very large file for my base image. It is a historical map from the David Rumsey Historical Map Collection. I am a tad spoiled because my workplace has a fairly fast network.

I have my zoom level set to 5.

The Neatline exhibit doesn't "choke," exactly, but it does take a fairly long time to load.

You can see for yourself here.

I would not advise making your base image that large, however. I would fiddle with the image compression, but since this exhibit is housed in a fairly obscure place, I have not taken the time to change it to a more acceptable size. If I were you, I would compress it to a size that is large enough to accommodate whatever zoom level and view you want to use.

One more thing: the Neatline Waypoints plugin does not work with the current version of Internet Explorer. The developers of the plugin know that but were unable to provide me with a solution in time for me to meet a deadline. That is why this Neatline view is not housed on the actual exhibit site. I changed that part of the exhibit to a standard exhibit format.

For a contrast, you can see that here.

It is a federal government site, so I had to accommodate IE users, alas.

I hope this helps you.

Good Luck!


This is nicely done - thanks! I also appreciate the caveat about the Waypoints plugin.

Do you have any experience on the interplay of image dimensions and image resolution in Neatline? I was thinking of using a large historical map as the base image but it's vital that one can also zoom in sufficiently. All possible already, but after some hit and miss attempts at figuring out the best relationship of image size : image resolution : image dimensions for Neatline I realized that I had better run a series of more systematic trials.