best practice for localization?

I am building a digital library of Early Modern Greek material (basically stuff I collected for my PhD) and I was wondering what would be the best practice to change the public display of the library to Greek; I am currently manually editing the code of the theme but also of some plugins as required. Is this generally a bad idea (because I will have to do this again and gain in case of future upgrades)? Any thoughts?

I'm also interested in an answer to this question. I want to translate the display to Romanian. Maybe there is a way of doing it so other may benefit from it afterward.

Great question poxa.

Currently, Omeka has no built-in mechanisms for localization. Our themes and dates are not localized. Custom code had to be written to get The Bracero Archive to work in a bilingual fashion. There is a Google Translate plugin for Omeka in the svn repository that may help some sites (, but I'm not sure if it will meet your needs.

If you wanted your Omeka site in Romanian, you would have to manually translate the theme. You may also need to add some more theme views for the advanced search.

The thing is that you don't have to translate just the theme but also parts of plugins (Exhibit Builder) and the core application ('Fatured item' etc.). It's manageable but needs lots of attention.

That's right. There's a number of places - not only in the themes and core code - but in other plugins that would need to be localized.

Thanks for the info, wanderingwill. I will install the GT addon, see how that goes. Hope this need will also be noted down by somebody as a feature request though:).


You may want to add a request for localization to the Feature Requests forum.