Best plugin to allow public or guest tagging and/or comments?

I've read about MyOmeka, Contribution, and Guest User. I'd love to see sites using any of these.

Ideally, public or guest viewers would be able to tag items or 'export' them to share with others.

Thanks for any advice.

MyOmeka would only work with older versions of Omeka (1.5). If you've got a newer installation or are just getting started, you would want to look at other options.

If you want to see sites using particular plugins, one option is to go to the list of Sites Using Omeka and search for the plugins which interest you - many of the site listings include plugins used as well as basic information.

When you say "export" do you mean save the data to their computer, or something along the lines of "send an email"? The Social Bookmarking plugin adds share buttons to items on your Omeka site.

Other Plugins you might want to look at are Posters and Embed Codes

Thanks! This would be for a new install, so MyOmeka is out. I'll look at the Site list (I didn't realize it listed plugins) and explore Social Bookmarking. Sending by email would work very well.

I appreciate your speedy assistance!

I'm looking for a more traditional approach to tagging - at a way for users to be able to suggest tags (in my case identify people) which are then put into a queue for review. I think the MyOmeka would be a little more than we want (and we are on 2.2.1 anyhow) but I am wondering if I can just create a custom user account that can suggest tags which are held in a queue? Thoughts?

There are a couple of options for that kind of tagging, both of which move into more experimental (read: use at your own risk) plugins.

One is the UserTags plugin that was being worked on for a now-defunct project. It still requires users to be logged in, so the GuestUser plugin might work well with it.

The second option, which involves an even-less tested plugin, is Corrections. For the use case of identifying people and reviewing, that seems closer to what you are looking for, but the plugin is less built-out and tested than RRCHNM plugins.


For free tagging, you can try too.


Daniel Berthereau
Infodoc & Knowledge management

Thanks Daniel - that looks like a very possible option!

I'm on Omeka 2.3.1, and I've installed the Guest User plugin 1.1.1 and I don't see the Login button on the public side. I feel like I've missed a step!

Are you still logged in? check what it looks like in a different browser. If that doesn't work, and since this is only tangentially related to the previous posts, would you mind starting a new thread? Thanks.

It might vary by which theme you are using. It should appear in a black bar at the top of the public pages.

So, first question is, which theme are you using?

I'm using Minimalist, on FF and Chrome, and now that Patrick said it I see the Login and Register links in the black bar. Sheepish thanks!