Best method resizing the media player

I know I can hack the core to change the size of the default media player, but I'm wondering if there is a better way that I'm just not seeing?

I'm displaying audio/video files using the display_file() helper which is not documented in the codex, but perhaps there is a variable I could use?

Thanks -- Erin

You can pass the height and width for the player as part of the second argument to display_file.

display_file($file, array('width' => 800, 'height' => 600));

The acceptable options for the entire display_file family are the same as for display_files_for_item, but the documentation there only really covers image and link display.

You can see the Media helper for more details, but Omeka's built-in audio and video handlers all accept width and height as options, as well as scale for video.

Great, thanks!