Best approach


I am am working on a project and I want to know the best way to approach it. Here is what I am trying to accomplish. I just want a map and a timeline.
I want to put a few points on a map, let's say 10. The timeline has let's say 3 time spans. I want to group let's say 4 of my points to belong to one of the time spans, the other 3 to another time span and the last 3 to the last 3 time spans.
On the initial map and timeline load I want all the points to be dispplayed and all the time spans to show. When one clicks on one of the points, I want the map to zoom on the point as well as the timeline should zoom in to show just that particular time span. Is this possible and if so should I use Omeka or should I create records directly in Neatline?

I hope this is clear. If not, I am happy to clarify. Thank you very much in advance for any tips on how to approach this.