Berlin Theme Update

Yay for updates and bug fixes! I was very excited to read that:

"We’ve also fixed a major bug in the Berlin theme by adding the standard plugin hook to items/show, so that all plugins can append content to that page."

But... I've adapted the Berlin theme quite a bit with a friend's help for my Omeka site. I'm wondering what would be easier - to adapt the new version again, or to fix the bug in my own adapted version. I'm a CSS newbie and the thought of trying to adapt it again fills me with dread!

How easy is it to fix this bug? What would I have to do?

If you've done some major modifications, it would be easier to fix the bugs.

The major thing we fixed in Berlin was the inclusion of ` <?php echo plugin_append_to_items_show(); ?>
` to the items/show.php file, so plugins can use that hook in Berlin. If you want plugins to be able to append things there, just put the code I just wrote into that file.

Thanks!! :) Looks like something I can manage!