Berlin Theme Home Page Tab not visible

I do I display the home page tab on my menu?
I know I can chose a home page in theme configuration. But I want to keep the default page because I wasn to keep the "featured itme" setting.
But if I use the default page and I go to another page then I can't go back to the "home" page tab since it is not on the menu or breadcrubms...unless you are on a simple page and even then it is on breadcrumbs and not on the menu.

You should be able to get back to the home page by clicking the site title (to the left of the search bar) or the site logo if you've uploaded one. That should work from any page.

If you wanted to add a "Home" tab to the menu, you could add a link in the Navigation that went to your site's homepage (see the Add Navigation links section)

Thanks mebrett
I can add a "home" tab to the navigation. I can get the tab there but none of the settings work then. At the moment I select "default" as the home page which brings up the featured item and the recent items. But when I set up a home page link and then select it as the home page, the recnet items and featured items do not appear.

Also I can't find the pages Browse Items or Browse Collections e.g. if I want to write some text on them.

many thanks again

For what you want, the best choice seems to be to leave the homepage dropdown option as is(default), but just add the link to the menu to provide breadcrumbs/an additional option besides clicking the site title.

Browse Items and Browse Collections pages are generated by the site, so not editable from the admin dashboard. If you wanted to add text to them, you'd need to dig into the code of the site itself - if that's something you're interested in doing, might be worth creating a new forum thread. :)

I think the problem I have is that I can't see where the default pages are attached to a page. EG
the "Browse Items" page brings up a list of the items. That is fine. But in wordpress for instance there is a page for "blog" and I can go to that page and put in a code for "blog". I can't find where to do that here. Which is the same problem with the home page. I can see how to set up a page called "home page" and make a tab. But I can't see where to tell it to be the page where the recent items will land. or where the featured item will land. I can't find the default page.
so is the only way to go to the code of the site?

Its ok I figured it out. I just set up a simple page called home page and then went to codex and put in the code for featured items

However it doesn't look very nice..I am sure it is possible with experienced coding but I would have to change column widths etc. So I had better go back to default even though I can't find where it is to edit it.

If/when you do decide to try mucking about with themes, that documentation is here:

Best of luck!