Berlin theme CSS oddity

Hi all,

I'm seeing some odd behavior from the site-title and primary-nav divs in the Berlin theme in some browsers.

The default appearance is fine in Chrome/Chromium [1]. Things are slightly off in FireFox, and IE [2]; it is significantly off in Safari [3].

I've worked on $OMEKA/themes/berlin/css/style.css, at ~line 527. Changing

postion: absolute;


position: static;

fixes the problem in Safari, FireFox, and IE, but causes problems in Chrome/Chromium [4].

I'm not very good with CSS, but I've tried working with some of the settings in the site-title CSS settings, but I haven't been able to get anything to work appropriately. Attempts include changing the font-size for #site-title (@ ~ line 389 and 888), changing/removing the margin-bottom for #site-title (@ ~ line 385), and line-height values, too.

Any suggestions for correcting this? Thanks, in advance, for your time and trouble.

[1] default Chromium display
[2] default IE/FireFox display
[3] default Safari
[4] 'corrected' results in Chrom*

Hmm, we'll take a look at this.

What versions of Omeka and Berlin are you using?

We're on 2.0.3. I'll look at upgrading to 2.0.4 tomorrow.