Berlin navigation not styled

This morning I discovered that the navigation on was no longer styled. I immediately upgraded the theme (Berlin) and have cleared cache. But it is still displaying as plain text, rather than with the CSS styling. Any ideas of how to get it back? Thanks!

What version of Omeka are you using? The function that displays the menu _should_ be producing HTML with the CSS classes for the correct styling, but it looks like it isn't in your case. If you are not using Omeka 2.3, that might be the issue.

I upgraded to 2.3 last week.

Thanks. I've traced it back to what looks like some javascript not loading, but I haven't figured out the details yet

It looks like a combination of small differences in the update to Omeka and to the theme. In the Berlin theme, look in the javascripts folder for a file called globals.js. If that is there, delete it. That should make it use Omeka 2.3's core globals.js file, which should provide what you need.

UPDATE: Come to think of it, it's probably a good idea to completely delete the theme folder and upload the update theme afresh, just in case there are other deleted files that could interfere.

Deleting the globals.js file did the trick! Thank you so much for troubleshooting.

I will also take your advice and re-upload the theme. I appreciate the suggestion.