Batch upload images and metadata?

Is it possible to batch upload metadata and associated images? I have been able to use both CSVImport and the Dropbox plugins, but would like a way to get images and metadata up in one shot.

When importing a CSV file into Omeka, you'll manually map the comma separated values to metadata fields in Omeka. There's also the option to specify that the value of a field is the path to a file. If selected, Omeka will attempt to automatically import the specified file into your installation.

What does this mean? That you can have fields stored either on a web accessible server (, or a local path within your server (/web/vhost/ You don't need to use the dropbox plugin to do this, but merely transfer the files to an accessible path. Secondly, you'll need the data of the CSV file to point to specific files. So, a value of the CSV file would look like: If that column in the CSV file is selected to automatically download the file, Omeka will add it upon importing the CSV file.

Does that help?


Yes that does! I'll monkey around with it. I'd really like to see a sample data file, or even the first couple lines of a data file: that would help even more.... An illustration of syntax really helps me a lot.

Thanks, and I just posted about uploading batches of images and metadata, so your kind reply answers that question, too,


I created a spreadsheet with the following fields:
Filename (example:

The using the csv file importer, I uploaded the file mapping "Columns To Elements, Tags, or Files" question how do I map an entry in the column filename to DC?

For example, one of my file names is:

Since you've already asked this question on a separate thread, let's continue the discussion there since it's more-specific to the questions you have.