Batch update for item relations

I love the new batch update feature - this would have been so handy when I was archiving! What would be really handy now is being able to batch update item relations ("all of these items are related to x" kinda thing).

Any chance? :)

When you say "item relations", are you talking about the ItemRelations plugin, or just the Dublin Core Relation element?

The batch editing feature does include some hooks to allow plugins to add new actions to the batch edit form, so yes, this is possible, but I can't speak to if or when this feature would appear in ItemRelations.


If you mean the ItemRelations plugin, you're in luck. We're working on an upgrade that adds batch editing of item relations:

After testing and further development, we may release an upgraded plugin soon. Thanks for the idea!

The link in the last post is broken... Any news on this update?

A new release will be coming out very soon, probably this week.


The new release (1.1) is ready for download: