Batch Import Neatline Records Between Exhibits?

Does anyone know if it is possible to import a set of Neatline records from one Neatline exhibit to another? I know its possible to import Omeka items, but I want to import Neatline records from one Neatline exhibit to another.

Here's my situation: Using Neatline for a class exhibit. Students are each taking a section of the exhibit and creating their own Neatline exhibit. It would be great if at the end of the semester I could pull these five exhibit sections together into one exhibit. I'd rather not have the students work on the same exhibit for fear of them damaging each other's work.

Any advice, workarounds, or plugins welcome.


Hi Chris,

No, it is not possible to import a set of Neatline records from one exhibit to another. However, there is a feature request ( for this.

There are some permissions in place that help with this though. Take a look at the Managing User Permissions in the documentation. While this doesn't solve the ability to merge exhibits, it does help with students "accidentally" deleting other's work.


Hi Wayne,

Just cleaning out my email and realized I never replied to thanks for your thoughts! Thanks again for your help. We found it actually good for the students to practice on their own exhibits as rough drafts, then combine them all in a new, final draft. So it worked out for the better.


Glad to hear it worked out!