Batch edit with plugin

I'm using the hook admin_items_batch_edit_form to enable batch editing of a plugin variable. The edit form is displayed correct in the admin interface and I can post the new value for my selected items, but I can't catch that new value in either after_save_item or before_save_item. The only thing I have to "play" with is the 'record' data. Below is the code that doesn't work

public function hookAfterSaveItem($args) {
		if (is_admin_theme()){
				$item = $args['record'];
				//Update my plugin with the value of edit_status_id

But I can't catch the 'edit_status_id' from 'post' above. The whole 'post' is null in both after_save_item and before_save_item. When doing a print_r($args) the only thing that contains data is the 'record' fields.
Is there a bug or is there any other way of catching the values from the fields added with admin_items_batch_edit_form.

This is the main content of my function that corresponds to the hook:

$html = '<div id="custom-edit-status-form" class="field">';
$html .= $args['view']->formLabel('custom[edit_status_id]', 'Status',array('class'=>'two columns alpha'));
$html .= '<div class="inputs five columns omega">';
$html .= $args['view']->formSelect('custom[edit_status_id]', '', NULL, $values);
$html .= '</div></div>';

Has any one else got it working with batch editing in /admin/items/batch-edit?

You can't handle the edit from the hooks after_save_item or before_save_itemitem. You have to do it in the hook items_batch_edit_custom.
Problem solved.

Could someone please add that hook to the page:

It is (I think) essential in batch editing, but I can't see it in the listing of the available hooks för Omeka 2.0.

It is essential for batch editing, you're correct.

I pushed an update to the docs, that should appear on the site soon.