Batch Edit Metadata

Is there a way to batch edit the contents of a particular metadata field within a collection or across collections? For example, we have a collection with a misspelling in the Source field, and I'd like to be able to edit that without manually editing 147 records.

Did you create the metadata within Omeka, or import it from elsewhere?

My Omeka items are derived from MODS XML which is then transformed into a CSVImport friendly CSV. For me, the easiest thing to do when specific fields changed in some way was to just make the changes in the XML, and re-import using CSVImport plug-in. You could also do this using the XML output generated by Omeka.

I suspect the only other option would be to do it through database or write a plugin.

The metadata was exported from ContentDM as a CSV file. If I re-import using the CSVImport plug-in, will I have duplicate items? Would I need to delete the items from Omeka first, reimport the corrected metadata, and then re-add the image files?

Yes, you would have duplicate items if you didn't delete the old items. But if they were originally imported with CSVImport, you should be able to "Undo Import" on that job in the status log before you start your new import.

Oh, yes, I forgot about that option. Excellent. Thank you so much for your help.

Wouldn't this process create new item numbers for the items? What if these items are associated with an Exhibit already? Deleting them would break the links in the Exhibit.

Ok. I'm back. i found the answer on another thread in this forum, so I'm going to post it here. Check out this version of the CSV Import plugin for batch edit capabilities:


Some of my users prefer to manage their data via a simple table in a spreadsheet. So they use my fork of CsvImport (, that manages updates.


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That's true, but Daniel Berthereau's fork of CSV Import seems to get around that problem


You can try Bulk Metadata Editor too:


Daniel Berthereau
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